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Top 10 Freeware
Watermarks removal tool 5.5.7
Remove watermarks from your images
King James Bible Ebook PDF 1
King James Bible Full Version
Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions ĘC Making Digital Reading Interesting
e-Sword 10.1.0
A fast and effective way to study the Bible
Punjabi Kosh 2.9.15
An electronic English to Punjabi Dictionary.
NASA World Wind 1.4.0 Final
Zoom any place on Earth
Satellite Finder 5.5 Build 1422
Locates the relative positions of satelites
Alkitab Bible Study 2.9.1
Alkitab is a free desktop bible study tools.
BySoft Free BMI Calculator
Free simple way to calculate your body mass
Capture Perfect 1.3
Control your Canon digital camera
Latest Updates Movie Collector 17.1.7
Catalog your DVDs in a database
Create chemical molecule structure quickly and easily with this lightweight and easy to use application
Powerful word processor to help writers organize their writing into chapters and scenes
A user-friendly league management application for football fans
Baraha 10.10.167
A Unicode text editor for Indian languages.
Weather Watcher Live 7.2.96
A desktop weather application that can be customized to your individual needs
LTspice XVII Build July 18 2017
Simulate switching regulators and analog circuits with this handy to have application for electronics engineers
eBook Factory 1.0
Create ebooks, product catalogs, manuals, price lists and more with this intuitive application
Expedition 10.6.5
Helpful program for ocean navigators that need to plan routes
Alternate Calculator 3.140
A feature-rich application capable of performing simple or advanced calculations
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eBook Factory 1.0
Create ebooks, product catalogs, manuals, price lists and more with this intuitive application
0 / 48
2 Mb
Ultimate Papercraft 3D 2.13
Create papercraft projects from 3D models
0 / 35
13.1 Mb
Compact calculator - CompactCalc 4.2.22
A complex scientific calculator that includes an expression editor
0 / 61
3.06 Mb
Multipurpose calculator - MultiplexCalc 5.4.22
A versatile desktop calculator for the Windows operating system
0 / 81
2.94 Mb
Equation graph plotter - EqPlot 1.3.22
A powerful piece of software capable of plotting 2D graphs of complex equations
0 / 83
3.37 Mb
Unit Conversion Utility - UnitConvertor-A 2.4.16
Convert units with this feature-rich application
0 / 78
3.92 Mb
Chinese Calendrics 15.36
A practical Chinese Calendar converter
0 / 72
1.71 Mb
Planetary Aspects and Transits 20.02t
Explore the sky map to view world and personal transits of celestial bodies
0 / 157
2 Mb
magayo Lotto
A robust application that allows you to explore winning lottery numbers of various games, as well as generate new numbers
0 / 278
6.7 Mb
Kith and Kin Pro 3.2.6
A friendly genealogy software solution that lets you store all your family tree information
0 / 159
7.8 Mb
ROBO Kids Typing Software 2.2.8
An easy to use piece of software that helps kids with dyspraxia or dyslexia to improve their spelling skills
0 / 71
2.9 Mb
Garden Planner 3.5.20
A friendly software application that lets you easily design your garden
0 / 191
17 Mb
AstroGrav for Mac 3.4.1
An accurate precision solar system simulator and calculator
0 / 94
60.74 Mb
Look Personal Care 1.5
An application that will remind you to take breaks when using the computer
0 / 217
5.63 Mb
HomeWiki 2.0.4
An application that enables you to create and manage a personal knowledge base
0 / 161
58.84 Mb
Family Tree Builder
A robust genealogy software with support for tree syncing
0 / 244
44.94 Mb
Smarts 1.0
A practical tool that lets you build equations step-by-step
0 / 118
1.6 Mb
CurveExpert Professional 2.6.3
A reliable piece of software designed for data analysis and curve fitting
0 / 163
74.4 Mb
FX ChemStruct 3.001.1
A powerful application that can automatically draw chemical structures based on the formulas you enter
0 / 135
30.8 Mb
AnthemScore 2.3.0
Easily create music sheets from songs
0 / 206
14.6 Mb