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Top 10 Freeware
RemoveWGA 1.2
Enables you to remove the WGA
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
Delete the configuration of Windows Installer on failed installs
SnadBoy's Revelation
See the actual password behind the asterisks
Freegate Expert Edition 7.40
Freegate Expert Edition - For Fast & Secure Internet Access
Freegate Professional 7.60
Freegate Professional- An anti-censorship software for fast and secure Internet access
McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool
Removes versions of McAfee consumer products
Avast Uninstall Utility
When it-s not possible to remove avast!
SSC Service Utility 4.30
Do amazing things with Your Epson printer
Ubuntu 12.1
Popular Linux OS distribution
RRT Remove Restrictions Tool
Re-enable Ctrl+Alt+Del, Folder Options
Latest Updates
SpotAuditor 5.1.6
A simple application that can reveal passwords saved in major web browsers, Outlook and other programs
Windows Defender Latest Definition Updates July 21, 2017
Latest Windows Defender definition updates
USB Block 1.7.1
Blocks unauthorized USB devices.
F-Secure KEY 4.6.101
A secure environment where you can safely store your passwords equipped with a random password generator
BestCrypt Traveller 1.05.2
Gain access to your files encrypted by BestCrypt from the system tray area even from other computers
BestCrypt Volume Encryption 3.75.00
Encrypt entire volumes using robust AES, RC6, Serpent and Twofish algorithms
Kaspersky System Checker (2017-07-20)
A security tool that runs a system diagnosis to detect possible threats as well as system performance issues
GiliSoft USB Encryption 6.1.0
A handy utility that lets you password-protect your USB drive
Bulk Crap Uninstaller Portable
An efficient tool that lets you uninstall applications, detects and deletes leftovers from previously removed ones
GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator 7.2.0
A powerful disc encryption software.
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VPN.Express 1.2
A reliable dedicated VPN service for online security and unblocking restricted content
0 / 56
3.5 Mb
LUPC 5.08
Keep track of user activity and restrict permissions on any computer
0 / 94
3.7 Mb
LoginCode 1.9.0
Safely store passwords in an encrypted database
0 / 183
1.4 Mb
AceErase 2.00
A straightforward utility that can permanently delete all important files from your computer
0 / 182
5.9 Mb
A powerful rule-based firewall, with files access control, and website and application blocker
0 / 61
10.5 Mb
BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.03.3
A reliable piece of software that can encrypt your files using some of the most powerful algorithms
0 / 129
24.2 Mb
Spy Suite 9.1.1
A reliable remote monitoring and administration tool
0 / 127
4.19 Mb
PDF Anti-Copy 1.0.6
A free PDF protection tool that ensures your PDF documents cannot be copied and converted
0 / 203
18.3 Mb
Privacy Drive Portable 3.7.2
A friendly encryption utility that lets you encrypt and hide photos, videos, documents, files and folders
0 / 74
1.46 Mb
Spytector Lite
A completely undetectable keylogger that tracks all computer activities
0 / 146
6.71 Mb
Surfblocker 5.4
Restrict access to the Web as well as specific content
0 / 53
13.31 Mb
DNS Firewall 4.30
A friendly piece of software that lets you monitor DNS caches and save them as files on your computer
0 / 124
1.6 Mb
Fingerprint Scanner Driver 3.12
A functional application that enables biometric devices to communicate with your computer
0 / 91
51.77 Mb
PureVPN Mac VPN Software 5.6.0
A state-of-the-art VPN service client for Mac
0 / 169
17.57 Mb
DataLocker SafeCrypt for Mac 1.0.21
A military-grade 256-AES encryption tool that supports all cloud providers
0 / 70
22.98 Mb
Kryptel 7.5
Encrypt, decrypt and shred files and folders, as well as view their properties with this practical application
0 / 53
17.6 Mb
A completely undetectable keylogger for Windows based systems
0 / 95
6.71 Mb
WallParse 2017-03-01
A lightweight application that lets you parse the Cisco ASA firewall configuration file and define appropriate sets of rules
0 / 38
700 Mb
RDS Knight 1.3
A powerful cyber security tool designed to protect your RDS server
0 / 68
3.86 Mb
Lock USB 1.0.1
Use this friendly tool to quickly password-protect your USB and external drives
0 / 87
0.11 Mb