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Top 10 Freeware
SafeIP ĘC Protects Online Identity
JAP / JonDo 00.18.001
Surf the web without being observed
WampServer 3.0.6
Apache, PHP5, MySQL database package
MySQL Workbench 6.3.9 Build 10690321
Database design application that lets you design, manage, and document your database scheme
XAMPP 7.1.4-0
Easy to use Apache distribution
Proxy Changer 1.0
Quickly change between proxy servers
Apache HTTP Server for Windows 2.4.18
Most popular web servers to date
Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008
Optimized virtualization solution
Latest Updates
SymmetricDS 3.8.28
Customizable database synchronization solution.
Node.js 8.2.1
Put your network applications together quickly and easily with this handy and efficient java based framework
ArangoDB 3.2.0
An easy to configure database server equipped with support for graphs and geo-algorithms
Xftp 5.0 Build 1218
Move your important files and folders to a secured server effortlessly with this powerful and efficient file transfer application
Xftp Free 5.0 Build 1218
A robust, free FTP and SFTP client that enables you to upload and download files from public and personal websites
CCProxy 8.0 Build 20170718
Allows you to set all computers on the LAN access the Internet through the same connection
Jenkins 2.60.1
An extendable open source continuous integration server that can help make your job easier
Alternate Firebird Copy 1.570
Copy tables within two firebird or interbase databases.
Navicat for Oracle 12.0.10
Administer Oracle servers and databases easily with this reliable and user friendly utility
TxtToMy 3.2 Release 1 Build 17070
A practical application that lets you import CSV or TXT data to your MySQL database
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TerraER 3.01 Beta
Quickly create comprehensive diagrams and ER models, for project management or database usage education, with this reliable application
0 / 14
2.6 Mb
RusRoute 1.9.6
An advanced application for securing networks and filtering all data traffic
0 / 1,611
12.8 Mb
RaidenMAILD 3.6.3
A friendly POP3, SMTP and WEBMAIL server that includes numerous features
0 / 83
18.6 Mb
Web Log Explorer Lite 9.0.1
A robust and free log analysis program
0 / 75
4.23 Mb
X-DLNA 1.46
A powerful tool that can detect video content in webpage so you can send it to or play it via any DLNA device from your local network
0 / 33
42.2 Mb
Exportizer Pro 6.1.3
View, edit or export entire databases as well as convert them to other formats
0 / 130
3.2 Mb
AttackTracer 1.25.2
Scan your Windows server logs and events for hacking attempts
0 / 88
3.14 Mb
Aquarium Lab 2017.6
Easily track and log aquarium parameters and publish them on your website
0 / 110
94.24 Mb
TrueConf Server
Create a video conferencing server to host video calls with multiple participants
0 / 28
186.5 Mb
Smarthide VPN Client
An intuitive VPN client that ensures your anonymity while surfing the web
0 / 113
45.77 Mb
Emby Server
Organize your video, audio and photo collection with this powerful media server
0 / 350
0.6 Mb
WebKilit 2.2
Control Intranet and Internet access and define URL redirection rules
0 / 56
2.2 Mb
TxtToMy 3.2 Release 1 Build 17070
A practical application that lets you import CSV or TXT data to your MySQL database
0 / 136
6.8 Mb
QueueMonitor Professional 1.6.8
A MSMQ service monitoring application that can automatically process files and messages
0 / 115
11 Mb
OraLoader 5.4 Release 1 Build 17043
A robust piece of software that allows you to import and export Oracle databases to or from Excel and flat files
0 / 153
8.8 Mb
XlsToMy 3.1 Release 1 Build 17062
A functional solution for importing Excel spreadsheet data into MySQL databases
0 / 145
7.6 Mb
GSA Proxy Scraper 2.22
A robust application that enables you to scan, collect, find and test proxies from all over the world
0 / 185
26 Mb
AndroMouse Server 6.3
A small piece of software that allows you to use your Android smartphone as a mouse to control your computer
0 / 313
0.62 Mb
Automatic copying of files from hard drives to removable disk.
0 / 159
1.07 Mb
Run of process on behalf of other user.
0 / 159
0.01 Mb