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ClockGen - Set of overclocking software

The ClockGen series contains a bundle of overclocking programs, with multiple versions dedicated to one or several mainboards.

A Clockgen software dynamically overclocks (changes the system clock) a number of devices of your system: CPU, memory, AGP and PCI bus and provides overclock monitoring and improving functions.


ClockGen does not require installation. Extract all the files in the same folder and run ClockGen.exe. ClockGen saves your settings in a file named clockgen.ini stored in the Windows folder for temporary files (usually: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Temp). To remove clockgen.ini from your system, run Clockgen with the following parameter: ClockGen.exe ¨Cu

ClockGen will show, in its main window, available functions on your system depending on your system specifications. ¡°PLL Control¡± and ¡°PLL Setup¡± buttons will appear when ClockGen detects a clock generator on your system.

To select the clock generator (PLL) first click on ¡°PLL Setup¡±. Sometimes ClockGen will recognize the PLL model that your system is using (especially if your mainboard has an nVidia chipset integrated). In this case you won¡¯t be able to select it yourself so you can skip to the ¡°PLL Control¡± step.

ClockGen Details

Before you download, fix Windows Errors and optimize your PC!

User Reviews (3)

"Nice software" by vicky67 on Nov 19, 2010


I'm so happy with this software. It's very quick and simple to use.




Try for yourself!
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